Our History

Huttenpark primary school was established in 1973.

Over the years our school has evolved and adapted, however our core values have always remained deeply rooted within the school.

Our mission has and always will be excellence in education; while upholding and maintaining the interests, needs and safety of our learners, educators and parents of the school.

Our vision will always be a child centred, value driven school and to our motto, /Æquitate Ac Diligentia (with fairplay and diligence) – we remain ever true.

On 15-10-1977 Mr. C.J. Vorster, principal of Huttenpark at the time, placed lead tube capsules into the pillars of our school’s front gate, instructing the principal of 2022 to open up the said pillars and reveal the contents thereof on the 22-02-2022.

In 1977 after the capsules were concealed in the gate pillars, Mr. Vorster had left this bookmarker behind in the official principal’s school diary as a reminder to the principal in the year 2022 of the capsules that were placed within the school’s gate pillars, that are to be opened on the 22-02-2022.

This bookmarker has been kept in the school’s diary ever since, as per Mr. Vorster’s request and will now be framed along with the contents of the capsules to be kept in the school’s archive as a reminder of this day.

Despite the global pandemic we have been faced with, we are grateful that we got to celebrate this day in our school’s history.