Mission & Ethos


A child centred, value driven school.


The interests and needs of our learners, educators, parents and all who have interest in the school are important to us and we therefore strive to achieve the following:

  • A future orientated academic system which prepares the learners in totality. 
  • To dynamically manage the school according to acceptable business principles.
  • To create a healthy climate to encourage optimal development of the child in totality so that the learner is free to make a positive input to the school.
  • A professional and supportive staff, who in co-operation with parents, within the ethos of the school, accept combined responsibility for the education of the learner.
  • To involve the parent corps to support and uphold the vision, mission and goals of the school.
  • To develop a healthy interaction between the school and the community.
  • To take a leading role in the development of education.
  • To offer specialised training and opportunities to enable the optimal development of the child.
  • To create the best facilities to effectively allow the learner to develop in full.
  • To deliver professional and efficient administrative service.


The Ethos of Huttenpark Primary is as follows:

  • The Christian character, traditions and values of the school are acknowledged and extended at all times.
  • Positive participation in a variety of sporting and cultural activities is encouraged.
  • Co-operation and respect between the respective language groups is nurtured and individual cultures pertaining are acknowledged.
  • The uniqueness of every individual is acknowledged and the development of a positive self-image is enhanced.
  • To function as a value driven school we strive to instill the following values: responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, citizenship, respect and fairness.